About Me

I am a registered tax agent and accountant with many years of experience in the preparation of financial accounts and tax returns for businesses and individuals.

My tax agent registration can be found at the Tax Practitioners Board’s website at www.tpb.gov.au under the name of Boon Kee Wong and I am also a Fellow of CPA Australia.

I know and understand that every business and individual would like keep the costs of meeting their tax obligations to a minimum and the best way to do this, I believe is to keep the costs of the service provider (that’s me) down so that I can pass on the savings to you in lower fees.

If you are an individual, you can benefit from lower tax preparation fees by:

  1. Communicating with me via emails (great for the environment) and our website to lodge your tax returns
  2. Responding to my follow-up queries as soon as you receive them to minimize the time taken between starting and completing your tax return
  3. Accepting soft copies of tax returns that you can store electronically on your own computer and print whenever you require a hard copy

If you are a business, your business can benefit from lower accounting and tax preparation fees by:

  1. Appointing an accountant who understands and practices as a tax agent (that’s me) to do your book-keeping for submission to your current tax accountant (that’s right, it’s not me) to minimize the time that your tax accountant will need to spend on the preparation of your financial accounts and business tax returns.
  2. Having me keep your books in a tax compliant manner right from the start means that you are more likely to benefit from any tax advantages that may otherwise be lost to your business by the time you send your data through to your tax accountant well after 30th June.
  3. Reducing the number of queries from your tax accountant and the time that they will take to produce your financial accounts and tax returns because I will will not only just keep your books in a tax compliant manner, I will also assist you to collate the documents that I know your tax accountant will likely require for them to prepare your financial accounts and tax returns.

Why don’t I also act as your business tax accountant?

I could but I have opted not to do so to stay true to my vision of providing a service that will help you keep your costs down.

Keeping your books and also preparing your financial accounts and tax returns will require me to maintain a level of resources, both human and capital, that would add to my overall fixed costs that invariably will have to be passed on to my clients.

While book-keeping work is done all year round, tax and financial accounts preparation work is somewhat ‘seasonal’ and so, by focusing on tax compliant book-keeping and the preparation of tax returns for individuals, my time is more efficiently utilized and productive and that means, lower costs to you.