Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information because we understand how important the privacy of your personal information is to you.

You can be assured that we will make every reasonable effort to protect and keep confidential any information you provide to us and will not sell or release your name or information to any third parties for any reason whatsoever, unless compelled by law to do so.

The following statement addresses the relevant privacy policies that are in place to protect your personal information, whether it was gained via mail, e-mail, fax, telephone, our website or a visit to an office. If you have any question relating to this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why do we collect personal information?

Our main purpose for collecting personal information from you is to provide you with the most efficient service possible.


Responsible Use of Information:

We will not use your personal information for any purpose which is not related to the services we provided to you or for any purpose for which you would not reasonably expect us to use the information. However, your information may be used to enable us to offer you other services that will enhance our relationship with you. It is your decision whether you wish us to provide this service to you. We may release information about you where there is a duty to the public to disclose that information or where we are required or authorized by law to do so.


Information requested by third parties:

Your information will be used to complete your tax return and we will only share this information with authorized statutory bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office.

Your personal information will be treated with respect and will not be disclosed to any other individual or organization without your express written consent.


Financial Information:

All financial information collected will remain absolutely confidential and will never be disclosed to any third parties except as required by law. Financial information includes information such as credit card numbers and bank account information.


Public Forums:

This site may make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available. Please remember that any information disclosed in these areas becomes public information, and you should exercise caution when disclosing personal information in these applications.


Tax Related Information:

When you prepare or file a tax return with us, the information contained in your tax return will be treated with extreme care and confidence and we will never disclose any tax return information without your consent except as required by law.


Third Parties:

Our site does link to other sites in order to provide you with all of the tax and financial services you might need. Intaxnet has partnered with these sites for content use. When using our site, visitors may travel to third party sites seamlessly and not realize that they have done so. Intaxnet is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of third parties.